Gun Powder And Stones: The Technical Challenges In Preserving And Adapting Them To Current Needs

Tuesday, October 28, 2014: 8:00 AM-9:45 AM
Session Chair:
Arne Johnson, PE, SE
8:00 AM
Water Management Systems and Historic Buildings
Presenter: Cristina Ureche-Trifu, M.Arch., M.A., Carleton University;
Co-Presenter: Mariana Esponda, conservator architect, Associate professor, Phd
, Carleton University
8:20 AM
The Alamo Database
Presenter: Robert Warden, Director of Center for Heritage Conservation, Professor, Center for Heritage Conservation
8:40 AM
Synergism in Conditions Evaluation Technologies: The Example of the San Juan Fortification Walls
Presenter: John Feinberg, APT, The Collaborative, Inc.;
Co-Presenter: Dave Woodham, P.E.
, Atkinson-Noland & Associates, Inc
9:00 AM
Fort Jefferson: Assessing the Structural Stability of a Third System Fortification
Presenter: Lizzie Olson, Robert Silman Associates;
Co-Presenter: Derek Trelstad
, Robert Silman Associates
9:20 AM
A Research and Investigation Program Unearths Important New Information about the Pavilion at Fort Ticonderoga
Presenter: John Waite, FAIA, FAPT, John G. Waite Associates, Architects PLLC
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